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Technology Collaboration


Technology Collaboration with our partners in Digital Transformation in core areas such as connectivity, cloud computing and Artificial Intelligence, results in the constant evolution of the improving the capability and comprehensive service provision to our clients.

The 3 Key Points of collaboration

  • 1. Digital economy strategies are accelerating industry digital transformations. The digital economy is being developed through policies such as the USA's National Network for Manufacturing Innovation, China's New Infrastructure Plan, Germany's Industry 4.0, and South Korea's Digital New Deal, which will likely be long-term, and inevitably accelerate how fast, lifestyles and commercial services to become digitalized.

  • 2. In the future, transformations will rely on cross-technology collaboration. technologies involving connectivity, computing, cloud, and intelligence will be tightly integrated with the industry applications. To unlock the technical dividends and seize the opportunities presented by 5G, edge computing, multi-cloud, and other new technologies, we leverage our experience in managing complex platforms and relationships with specialist vendors, to become comprehensive to move up the value chain and expand their addressable market.

  • 3. We can provide unique value through domain expertise and diversified capabilities. to expand the service portfolio and respond to the market better.


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